GEOLOGIX LIMITED; Integration; WellXP is highly integrated with the GEO Suite Authoring Applications Jakarta, September 21, 2022 at Convention & Exhibition Jakarta; Geologix Limited where performance to appreciated the event well runs at September 21 – 23, at the moment. Geologix Limited with the WellXP is a secure, remotely-hosted online well monitoring solution. Utilizing cloud computing technology, it is a storage facility for all data and documents collected at every stage of your drilling operation.


It includes live display consoles for drilling and logging as well as up-to-date geological interpretations.

Your stakeholders and colleagues are able to view the data they need from wherever they are with a login and password. Access to data is strictly controlled by role profiles, which means that each WellXP user accesses only the relevant information.

Navigation around the system is
intuitive and simple, and only requires a browser and Internet connection. Upload morning reports and well logs; view spreadsheets and data files; and download any file to use in other external workflows. WellXP eliminates the need to manage complex email routing to share data, and enables instant access for those who need it.



About Geologix
Geologix Limited has served the international oil and gas exploration industry since its inception in 1994.
We now work with over 100 customers in more than 40 countries worldwide. Our small, globally distributed team of geoscientists, engineers and software developers provides systems, tools and
solutions which efficiently turn your well data into secure, easily shared information.


WellXP can be employed on short or long term projects, for single or multiple wells. The system is architected to manage every operation type from global drilling projects with multiple well operations to single well operations.

User Experience
WellXP uses long established best practices to make navigation intuitive and simple. High level choices of what you wish to view, such as Well Status Summary, Documents, Drilling Console, RT Lithology Log are arranged in tabs. Documents are organized in an operator customizable document tree, making it easy to find the right place to view, upload or download documents in the system.


At the heart of the WellXP concept is data aggregation. Each operator employs a service company based on merit; tool quality, personnel expertise and technologically superior solutions to name a few considerations. WellXP brings the data from those service companies together in one place ensuring the value of real time information is not compromised because of multiple proprietary systems or a range of client software or consoles.


Real Time Consoles
Real time consoles can be customized so that a composite of graphics, dials, gauges and logs can be created to suit the operation or operators own desired design. Log curve tracks, curve colors and scales can be configured for the required presentation.
As an operator using the GEO Suite, your log format can be reproduced in WellXP for instant recognition and to display auto-calculations such as Gas Ratio and Formation Fluid analysis, as well as region specific water saturation.


Smart Folders
WellXP provides efficient ways for users to locate and consume data within documents uploaded to the system. The following smart folders showcase how this works.


GEO Suite Integration
WellXP is highly integrated with the GEO Suite authoring applications and their output ODF files. Viewing, printing and access to key data elements are all part of the integration of GEO and WellXP.
The GEO Suite provides the power behind WellXP’s quality real time log viewing experience. The optional GEOe-View plug-in to Internet Explorer provides enhanced log viewing capabilities.




Data Management Challenges

Throughout the lifecycle of a well, a tremendous volume and variety of digital information is produced, but unfortunately in many instances it is spread across the enterprise and only loosely organised.

The multiplicity of data file formats, including hardcopy, must be organised, sorted and compiled.

Much of this information needs to be shared in a timely manner with team members, management, co-venturers, service companies, and even regulatory or government agencies.

Depending upon the well, scores of people may require access to some, much, or all of the information about the well … and that access has to be managed.

Distributing this information through emails (or worsestill, through faxes & other non-digital means, or on tape or disk) introduces its own set of complications:

  • the number and volume of files proliferates;
  • file versions may become outdated causing confusion;
  • storage is often haphazard, leading to loss of crucial information.
Information flows can easily become bottle-necked.

Inefficiencies in the coordination of well-site
operations leads directly to increased drilling costs.

Creation (and maintenance) of a well data &
document management system that properly fulfils the needs of any particular group within an enterprise, can overstretch the capabilities (and budgets) of some IT departments.

WellXP Solution
WellXP ensures that all your well information is managed securely and kept together in one place. Because WellXP organises all information per well, it is easy to locate everything needed for planning subsequent offset well programs.

WellXP organises the upload and display of
documents and files though a simple folder structure and Table of Categories [TOC].
Any digital format may be loaded. (e.g. .doc, .xls, .odf, .pdf, .xml, .txt, .pps, .las, .lis, .dlis, etc.)

WellXP provides all the stakeholders in a well with expedient, concurrent and secure access to the most up-to-date information.

WellXP simplifies the process of defining roles andentitlement rights for any piece of information for any well.

Digital information (in the form of documents and data files) is simply loaded as it becomes available, and stored in an SQL database accessible through the intuitive WellXP interface that you simply open inside your standard web-browser.

Information is not indiscriminately “pushed” out to you, but rather “pulled” as needed.

At the conclusion of the well, information may be archived or downloaded to a browse-able DVD.

WellXP provides instant access to your critical information, wherever you have internet connectivity … office, home or mobile.

Timely input of operational information translates into reduced decision-cycle times.

WellXP can provide a truly bespoke solution at a departmental level, where necessary. Simple to set up and affordable to run, none of the end-users need more than basic IT skills in order to upload or control access to loaded information.


Operational Benefits

  1. WellXP increases efficiency of decision-making: Ensuring managed access for all stakeholders to critical information Reducing time required to bring everyone “up-to-speed” Providing time for stakeholders to reflect before they react Eliminating searches for supporting information and data Improving quality of discussions, so leading to better decisions
  2. WellXP fosters collaboration within teams and with co-venturers: Simplifying the sharing of planning documents and well programs Building trust by keeping everyone “on the same page”
  3. WellXP allows “experts” to be leveraged across multiple projects:
    Freeing SME’s from being tied to a desk in a single Business Unit Making information easily accessible for 24×7 crisis management.


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