RAUTE promote R3 series in Indonesia 

  1. Veneer Peeling Line R3
  2. Veneer Drying Line R3
  3. Veneer Patcher R3
  4. Plywood Lay-up Line R3





Indonesiannews.co/ Jakarta, 24 September 2022. The Raute R3 Series. The R3 Series’ machines and lines are versatile and suitable for all industrial veneer production needs, whether you are starting up your production or want to increase your production capabilities. And what’s more, they all are compact-sized needing only a little floor space.

The off-the-shelf R3s are of utmost high quality, destined to have the job done.
The lines are plug-and-play, so the commissioning takes only a short time. We deliver the machines with affordable investment price and quick, under one-year, payback time.

The R3 lines are the premium Raute-quality machinery to have the job done. The beginning has never been easier until now. We made it easy for you.

These R3-series lines are the first of many to come. We are constantly developing new machinery and solutions for our customers’ changing needs. We are going to introduce new lines and machines to the R3 series continually.


Veneer Peeling Line R3 – High running efficiency for small diameter blocks
The Veneer Peeling Line R3 means fast startups and add-on capacity. The 100% electrically operated line peels a high-quality veneer from the very start to the core, allowing you to make the most of small diameter blocks. The line is capable to machine hardwood and softwood. Its optimal peeling geometry (OPG) enables peeling high-quality veneer with good capacity and an unmatched thickness tolerance compared to conventional spindleless lathes. The maximum automation level of the line enables high productivity.


Veneer Drying Line R3- The easy to install and operate standard
The Veneer Drying Line R3 is capable of handling hardwood and softwood when producing veneer sheets. It is easily installed just on a flat floor on rails giving significant savings since no special foundations are needed. Industrial veneer drying means 80% fewer operators for the job yet more efficient production. The dryer handles full-sized veneer sheets giving up to 15% more yield.


Veneer Patcher R3 – Small in size, big in capacity and quality
The Veneer Patcher R3 is the easiest way to patch veneer and maximize the quality. It consists of the most advanced technology on the market for patching knots and holes. Patching veneer with this patcher is significantly faster, more efficient, and safer than patching manually. The butterfly patches enable extremely high patch retention and with the integrated thermo-bond taping loose composed joints and
veneer, edge splits can easily be fixed adding more recovery.


Plywood Lay-up Line R3 – Production with low power need
The Plywood Lay-up Line R3 is a plywood lay-up line with a low installed power need. The one-sided liquid extruder gluing method (LEG) found in all Raute series lay-up lines, is gentle on veneer sheets, meaning fewer
defects and veneer breakages. It is compatible for both even and odd plys panels giving you the freedom to use veneer sheets of various thickness inside the
plywood structure, reducing the need for gluing, thus bringing savings in glue consumption.




Raute is the globally leading maker of machinery for high-quality veneer, plywood and LVL panels and beams.

Easy to install practically anywhere. Only four people needed to fully operate the line.

The Raute Drying Line R3 can dry all hardwoods and softwoods when producing veneer sheets. The line is easily installed on a plain flat floor on rails giving significant space savings since no special foundations are needed.

The R3-series dryer is highly customizable based on every production requirement. It is
available in the form of the traditional four decks and six decks options for different needs. Its completely insulated shell not only saves in heating energy but evenly dries everything from the top to the bottom decks. Another unique feature is the high humidity drying. which lowers energy and electricity consumption compared to typical industrial veneer dryers.

The Veneer Drying Line R3 can also be integrated with additional veneer grading lines to achieve maximum quality and efficiency.



  • Automatic or semi-automatic veneer feeder
  • 4-deck 6.2 wide or 6-deck 4.8 m wide dryer. Capacity based on the needs by selecting the amount of hot cells and cooling cells
  • Steam or thermal oil heating
  • Automatic and semi automatic controls
  • Manual, semi-automatic (rotary table or pull conveyor) or automatic stacking
  • Optional automatic grading line with moisture meter, visual grading and automatic stacking.


  • Optimized and agile production for different veneer sizes and thicknesses
  • High quality veneer quality due to intelligent controls
  • Minimum energy consumption due to efficient heat transfer (air flow, jet boxes, radiators, high air humidity inside dryer)
  • Less VOC emissions due to clever controls
  • Minimized labor consumption due to automatic feeder and automatic grading line.



  1. Operators on the Line
  2. Heat Energy Consumption (KWh/m3 Dry Veneer)
  3. Drying Time (min)*
  4. Dry veneer capacity up to (m3/h)
  5. Installed power (kW).