IEC TELECOM & BLUE C MOBILE TO SHOWCASE AFFORDABLE MARITIME SATCOM SOLUTIONS FOR THE APAC REGION Jakarta, October 19th, 2022.  With the Asia-Pacific region witnessing exceptional growth and development, there is also tremendous demand for digitalisation across major trading sectors, especially the maritime industry.


Inamarine 2022 represents the perfect opportunity for key decision-makers in the offshore, shipbuilding, logistics, port safety and environmental protection sectors to address the latest trends in the global maritime industry.


Inamarine 2022 commands strong support from the Indonesian government and key trade associations in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Taking place from October 19th to 21st, 2022 at JIExpo Kemayoran in Jakarta, the 10th edition of Indonesia’s largest international trade fair for the maritime and offshore industry is expected to draw 500+ exhibitors and 25,000+ visitors from over 15 countries.


IEC Telecom Group, an international provider of satellite communications services, and Blue C Mobile, a Singaporean provider of maritime solutions, have teamed up to offer
affordable and scalable digital tools for all vessel types in the Asia-Pacific region.
As the modern maritime industry weighs in on sustainability and compliance, IEC Telecom’s advanced back-up solution and Blue C Mobile’s powerful VSAT service deliver the benefits of digitalisation to all market sectors. The demand for digitalisation in the APAC region is on the rise, especially among small and mid-sized
vessels. The partnership between IEC Telecom and Blue C Mobile aims to enable
seamless access to a wide range of business and welfare applications for all vessel types. This solution is specially designed for 60cm Ku-band antennae together with a highly optimised L-band network,” shares Nabil Ben Soussia, Group CCO and President – Asia, Middle East and CIS, IEC Telecom Group.


The APAC maritime satellite communications market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11% between 2021 and 2026. This progress is being driven by increasing ship traffic in the region, evolving maritime security policies, and the critical emphasis on improving safety for the onboard crew and seaborne assets. There is a demand for advanced security systems and seamless onboard connectivity in China, Japan, Indonesia, and India.


In fact, the demand for data and maritime analytics is expected to grow the market to a valuation of $370 million by 2028.


“Digital technologies have become fundamental to gaining a competitive edge, and companies in the APAC region are embracing digitalisation to improve cargo handling, freight routing, port operations, crew deployment, and much more,” says Wesley Tham, CEO, Blue C Mobile.


“By joining efforts with IEC Telecom, we pledge to enable these critical needs and guarantee business continuity, especially for the smaller vessel’s owners and operators. Digitalisation is now accessible at over 300% more monthly data and 20% savings than their current satcom set-up.”


Digitalisation enables the provision of real-time data, which supports effective decision-making to increase operational efficiency, optimise safety processes, and
decrease fuel consumption. Moreover, dedicated onboard connectivity ensures
improved safety for the crew, precise coordination of their work, and better working conditions onboard. The cumulative effect of digitalisation leads to significant cost reduction, reaching up to 30% of savings within operational budget.


Visitors to Inamarine 2022 can familiarise themselves with Blue C Mobile’s VSAT
solution as well as explore IEC Telecom’s backup system and value-added services.

Blue C Mobile’s VSAT solution is powered by an affordable, high-performance, and
lightweight 60cm VSAT antenna. This has been designed keeping in mind the specific
needs of small and mid-sized vessels that usually have no space for a costly satellite set-up. With an integrated antenna management system and a single cable connection, this compact set-up reduces freight and deployment costs for leisure boats, fishing boats, and offshore vessels, making VSAT service affordable and accessible.


IEC Telecom’s backup is powered by the One Gate network management system, enabling a seamless switch between VSAT and L-band. The smart terminal is controlled
via a digital dashboard, enabling 24/7 access for ICT professionals ashore. In addition, One Gate offers a wide range of applications optimised for marine communications, including video conferencing, tele-maintenance, e-learning, IoT, and asset surveillance.


“Digitalisation is no longer a luxury, but an operational need. For years, it was perceived
as a benefit reserved for certain market sectors. Together with our partner Blue C Mobile, we are on a mission to unwind these myths. We have joined efforts to prove that access to technologies can be affordable for all vessel types, whether a large commercial ship or a small fishing vessel,” says Mr. Ben Soussia.


About IEC Telecom
IEC Telecom is an international satellite service operator with nearly 30 years of
experience in the industry. We enable digitalisation for the maritime industry as well as remote units on land. For urban networks, we provide a powerful satellite backup to ensure the business continuity of customer enterprises. Our portfolio includes a wide range of satellite products (from handset to VSAT services), solutions, and value-added services. In addition, we offer 24/7 support for satellite-based solutions during their full lifecycle.

IEC Telecom Group has offices across eight countries:

  1. Denmark,
  2. France,
  3. Kazakhstan,
  4. Norway,
  5. Singapore,
  6. Sweden,
  7. Turkey, and
  8. UAE.

For more information, browse our website:

Media Contact: Anastasia Kuzmenko VP-Marketing & Communications, IEC Telecom Global
T. +971 (0)4 447 5180 (Ext. 133)


About Blue C Mobile
Historically maritime satcom data solutions have been complex, inflexible, and expensive. At Blue C Mobile our mission is to provide simple, affordable, and flexible
solutions with reliable support giving you peace of mind to concentrate on running
your business.

Blue C Mobile together with our acclaimed Global Distributing Partners focused on
bringing the Maritime lightweight 60+ cm Hydra Series antenna to the industry. For
space & budget constraint ship owners & operators, it would now be able to utilise &
enjoy the most competitive high-speed Data onboard vessel, for work operations & also for crew benefits.


For more information, please visit our website



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