PT. Energia Prima Nusantara member of ASTRA eksplorasi di ICE BSD  / Tangerang, 12 Juli 2023.


About US
The “Company” was established on February 28, 2014 The Company is engaged in the supply of electric power in the generation. transmission, and distribution sectors as well as electricity sales.

At the end of 2021. the Company consolidated and restructured its subsidiaries in the energy sector under PT Bina Pertiwi (BP) part of the United Tractors (UT) group: Previously. Pamapersada Nusantara (PAMA) owned 99.99% shares and PT Kalimantan Prima Persada (KPP) 0.001% With this consolidation, the composition of the Company’s ownership shares changed to UT and PAMA’s ownership of 51% and 49%, respectively.




To Become a Reliable. Green and the Most Efficient National Energy Provider


  1. To acquire 1.500 MW capacity IPP power plant and up to 500 MW capacity of electricity solution in the next five years.
  2. To continuously improve employee’s competence and welfare
  3. To continuously provide a good contribution to shareholders



1. Hydro Power Plant

We are currently developing a mini hydro power plant (PLTM) in Bukit Kemuning. Lampung with a capacity of 7 MW. The project is under construction and is planned to be operational in 2023. However, we are also accelerating our portfolio development by acquiring PT Arkora Hydro to strengthen our clean energy business line. There are several projects that have been operating under PT Arkora Hydro such as PLTM Cikopo and PLTM Tomasa. besides that there is another potential additional capacity of 200 MW which will be developed in the future.

2. Solar PV

In addition to Hydro, we also install rooftop Solar PV with industrial and commercial customers in the ASTRA Group, this is our focus on sustainable energy development, we are here as the best partner to provide clean & environmentally friendly energy solutions as well as encourage increased contribution to increase New renewable energy sector.


3. Offgrid RE Solution

We continue to strive to reduce carbon emission and continuously improve the mix mix of new and renewable energy by implementing offgrid renewable energy (RE) solution for customer needed. The innovation always be the pulse to get something new model for RE Solution. like implementing Biomass, Solar Flexible Panel, etc.



As a company engaged in the electrical energy supply sector in Indonesia, we realize that environmental aspects are a very vital part of the journey in the energy business and we are committed to providing environ- mentally friendly electrical energy.




We have developed program:

  1. Mangrove Planting Program:
  2. The Distribution of Qurban Animals
  3. CSR AI in Sunter
  4. Posyandu Activities
  5. Education Acceleration Program
  6. Industrial Visit



Alamat: JL Rawagelam 1 No.9 Kawasan Industri Pulogadung Jakarta – 13930

Telp: (021) 460 1916


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