Association of Culinary Professionals Indonesia Presents the 13th Salon Culinaire 2023: Elevating Indonesian Culinary to New Heights / Jakarta, July 25, 2023.       –  The Association of Culinary Professionals (ACP) Indonesia is proud to announce that it has once been appointed by PT Pamerindo Indonesia to organize the 13th Salon Culinaire, a prestigious culinary competition that has gained national endomement from Worldchefs. This highly anticipated event will showcase the best of Indonesian culinary heritage and elevat the country’s culinary scene to new heights.


The 13th Salan Culinaire, scheduled to take place on 25:28 July 2023 will feature a total of 31 competition classes, with a special on the 1st Pastry & Baking Challenge. The 7 Junior Asian Chef Challenge, and Young Talent Escoffier Challenge. This competition aims to celebrate and recognize the exceptional skills and creativity of pastry chefs and bakers in Indonesia and beyond.

With a remarkable participation rate, the Salon Culinaire has attracted a total of 681 talented individuals from seven countries. including Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, and Belgium. Additionally, participants from 15 cities across Indonesia will be showcasing their culinary prowess and demonstrating the diverse flavors and techniques of Indonesian cuisine.

A distinguished panel of judges, consisting of 31 Worldchefs certified judges, 28 Indonesian-culinary experts, and 23 rookie judges, will meticulously evaluate the competitors’ creations. Their expertise and discerning palates will ensure a fair and comprehensive valuation process, recognizing the exceptional culinary skills on display.

This event serves as a platform to promote and preserve Indonesian culinary heritage, allowing participants to showcase their innovative approaches while staying true to traditional flavors and techniques. By bringing together culinary professionals from various backgrounds and cultures, the Salon Culinaire aims to foster knowledge sharing and cultural exchange, ultimately raising the profile of Indonesian cuisine on the global stage.



“The 13th Salon Culinaire represents an important milestone for the Association of Culinary Professionals Indonesia. We are honored to have been entrusted with organizing this prestigious event, and we are excited to witness the exceptional culinary talents that will be showcased. Through this competition, we aim to not only elevate Indonesian culinary to new heights but also promote and preserve our rich culinary heritage,” said Chef Rafael Triloko, President of the Association of Culinary Professionals Indonesia.

The Salon Culinaire promises to be an extraordinary event, offering an unparalleled opportunity for culinary professionals to network, exchange ideas, and inspire each other. It will undoubtedly contribute to the continued growth and recognition of Indonesian culinary excellence on an international scale.




About the Association of Culinary Professionals (ACP) Indonesia The Association of Culinary Professionals Indonesia is a renowned as a non-profit professional organization dedicated to promoting and developing the culinary industry in Indonesia. ACP Indonesia strives to foster education professional development and networking opportunities for culinary enthusiasts and professionals. By organizing events such as the Salon Culinaire, ACP Indonesio aims to showcase the culinary excellence of the notion and elevate the status of Indonesian cuisine on a global platform.



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